Why work with a REAL Financial Planning adviser? And how do you know who to choose?

13th December 2023

Many people think they need to have a large lump sum of money to invest before seeking advice from a financial adviser, however, this is not necessarily true!!

There are many types of financial advisers – investment adviser, mortgage adviser, insurance adviser, all coming under the name of ‘Financial Adviser’, so be sure you understand what their expertise is, before you engage their services – they need to fit with what you want and need.

When it comes to PLANNING however, where you want someone who has experience in a whole range of financial matters that we come across in our lives, such as paying off debt alongisde investing too, saving for your children’s future and your own retirement, where to invest your money (property, shares or both), how to ensure you have the right ownership structures in place (individually, jointly, in a Trust or your business), safeguarding your wealth and income with the best personal insurance and ACC solutions, and protecting your hard earn assets through Wills, Enduring Powers of Attorney and Trusts, you need the expertise of a FINANCIAL PLANNER.

A FINANCIAL PLANNER, especially a Certified Financial Planner CFPcm , is an expert who has the skills, qualifications and experience to cross all these arenas and provide you with holistic advice and ongoing guidance, giving you peace of mind, security, and someone you can use as sounding board when times are tough.  They want to know who you really are and what’s important to you, so they can help you make informed decisions on how to ‘get ahead’ and save you from making any big mistakes that may ‘set you back’ financially. 

Look for a Certified Financial Planner CFPcm who enjoys working across all areas of your financial life and wants to build a long term relationship with you, loves sharing knowledge and ideas yet will challenge you when needed, and will keep you on track to living your best life!

Jane Benton & Charlene Overell

G3 Financial Freedom Ltd

Certified Financial Planners CFPcm / Acredited Investment Fidudiaries AIF®