Professionals, Executives and Managers

Many professionals have busy lives to contend with: children, school events, sports and social commitments, career progression, business growth, family activities/holidays, study and dependent parents.  This means they are have many balls in the air at any one time. 

Meet David

Meet David. He is a construction engineer from the UK. Being an engineer David is very analytical. Summarised below are details about David and his situation and requirements. David has been our client for nearly 6 years now.

Works for a large international engineering firm in Auckland.

Been with current employer 6 years.

Never had an issue finding good work.

He owns property: one rental and one owner occupied.

Time poor and cannot access the best investment solutions available.

He has savings and a KiwiSaver account.

Has trouble fitting everything in to his life.

Has a very careful nature.

Recently divorced and has his children in a 50/50 shared care arrangement with his ex-wife.

  • 42 and divorced
  • 2 Children 50/50 care
  • Owns property
  • Has debt relating to the rental
  • Earns a salary of $120,000+
  • Repay all debt
  • Make the most of surplus income
  • Accumulate and protect his wealth
  • Wants a secure future
  • Value for money for the services used but would rather pay someone else to do the work
  • Wants well researched and evidence based solutions
  • Wants to seek independent financial advice
  • Happy to pay for professional services
  • Wants a long-term relationship with a trusted adviser
  • Likes to have everything explained in great detail
  • Wants to fully understand all solutions

These busy people often feel confused about:

  • How they are going to finance the lifestyle they want in the future
  • What they are going to do with their business/career as they get older
  • How they are going to support and finance their children’s education needs
  • How they are going to find the money to repay their debt before retirement
  • How they are going to be able to provide themselves with a good income in retirement

 Many individuals are worried about:

  • Running out of money
  • Feeling overwhelmed about whether investment decisions to date have been judicious
  • If they are self-employed, whether their business growth plans will work out
  • Whether they have all their affairs in order and have the right insurances in place, should they become ill, disabled or prematurely die

Some or all of these issues are common problems faced by many professionals

How can we assist?

  • Creating focus and structure around their goals
  • Building a plan for the future and helping them stick to it
  • Making things simple, understandable and achievable
  • Providing knowledge and empowering them to feel in control
  • Enabling them to get on with their lives knowing we are providing the solutions to get the results they want
  • Providing light at the end of the tunnel

Our Process


Our Services

All of our services can be provided separately as required. However we find in most situations our clients require their own particular combination. We follow the process pictured above to ensure we provide each client with exactly the service to suit circumstance and budget.

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    G3 has been working with us for both our company and personal finances. We have found G3 to be knowledgeable and passionate about service.
    They provide the right solutions for us and our staff through thorough research and recommendation.
    They are always available to discuss any queries and explain things in terms I understand.

    Greg and Robyn Jensen, Tauranga


    As a busy couple we had neither the time, experience or knowledge to be able to transfer our UK pensions over to NZ or to sort out a financial plan
    that would set us up for retirement. Thank goodness we found G3 Financial Freedom, their advice and guidance has been invaluable.

    Chris & Sheenagh Pritchard, Christchurch


    We have been delighted with the service and support we have received from Charlene and the team at G3.  
    We love the way they carefully analysed whattype of investors we are and helped us make decisions on long-termfinancial planning  based on our needs.

    Mike & Carolynne Masson, Omokoroa, Tauranga