Business Risk Mangement

“Most people would rather be certain they’re miserable than risk being happy”.  Robert Anthony.

Nobody wants to spend more on insurance than they have to. But what are the consequences of having none or too little? We often think we have wasted our insurance dollars if we do not claim but in reality we are indemnifying ourselves against the worst case scenario – losing everything.

If you are a shareholder in a business with one or more partners or directors, or you have a staff member who is financially key to your business, you need to financially protect yourself and your business against illness, disability or death.

Complications may arise, affecting the profitability of your business and the financial situations of family and friends.

There are a number of options open to you allowing you to have the right money, in the right hands at the right time, which is crucial.

How can we assist?

  • We understand the complexities involved as we are business owners and shareholders too
  • We have the expertise to help you define the issues that are specific to you and your business partners and talk through the business issues if you were lose a key person
  • We have the knowledge to design solutions that will help solve your financial problems if anything were to happen
  • We have the skills to work as a team with your accountant and lawyer when it comes to share valuations, defining the financial loss of a key person and drafting the right legal agreements needed
  • We understand the importance of having ownership of any insurance cover in the right hands – this will save undue stress at the time of claim
  • We ensure everything dovetails with your personal insurance covers and family protection needs when it comes to insurance as one solution
  • We help review your ACC covers to ensure you have the right ACC protection to match your business and personal risk needs


Handy Tip

Never risk a lot for a little.  Risk Management is about looking at what risks you can avoid, reduce, retain and then transfer.  the transfer part is where you could suffer a great financial loss. It’s about having a plan for money to be available for the ‘big ticket’ costs, those with a high impact and low probability.  Our businesses are often our livelihoods supporting our family’s needs – it is not worth putting our family’s future at risk when we’ve worked so hard building our business. Protect it.