Accountants and Lawyers

We work closely with accountants and lawyers, providing a range of services for their clients to aid the support they are already offering.  Those we work with know that if they recommend us to a client they are kept involved every step the way. 

Meet Matthew

Meet Matthew. He is an accountant who refers his clients to G3 to receive personal financial planning advice, investment advice and pension advice. Matthew has been working with G3 for 4 years now and trusts we know what we are doing and likes how we look after his clients. We meet with Matthew and his clients all together for the initial meeting and handover and communicate regularly any details necessary.

Matthew is in a private practice with 2 other partners.

His clients are mainly business people in professional practices.

The practice has 3 branches locally in the Bay of Plenty.

Matthew is the senior partner and his role focuses on growing the business as well as compliance accounting.

He is keenly interested in the type of advice his clients receive and analyses the advice thoroughly.

Matthew is forward looking and very popular with his clients.

He is great to work with.

He demands high standards for his clients.

  • New Zealander
  • 48 years old
  • Married with 2 grown up children
  • Has been running this practice for 10 years
  • Growth focused
  • Maintain his spotless reputation
  • Embed his clients in more with the business and protect them against competitor bids
  • Only deal with trusted business partners
  • Achieve the highest standards of advice
  • Professional and trusted relationships with referral partners
  • No damage to reputation
  • Happy clients
  • Transparency around fees and costs
  • Well researched solutions
  • Assistance with the tax implications for certain investment solutions and pensions
  • Fee based services
  • Independent and impartial advice from advisers

We work symbiotically with accountants and lawyers

We believe in transparency and working together, as a client has many needs at various stages of life and business and no one professional can provide it all.

We have many years experience so we understand the valuable tax, compliance, business advisory and legal support accountants and lawyers provide, often referring our clients to these professionals to complete and monitor accountancy and legal requirements in their overall financial planning needs as an individual, business or a family/charitable trust.

We understand governance, director responsibilities and trustee duties and responsibilities, so when it comes to supporting the accounting and legal profession and their clients, we share our knowledge and ensure that all parties are protected to the highest standards.  All of our services are available to support accountants and lawyers to look after their clients’ needs and we work hard together to build healthy, long term relationships as well as their own businesses.

The clients’ best interests are at the forefront of all discussions.

How can we assist?

  • We understand that professional firms like to ensure they retain their clients and are often the main relationship ‘go to’ person for their clients
  • We provide the extended services and expertise that lawyers and accountants cannot, or are not authorised to provide
  • We can be viewed as an extension to the professional firms business for those lawyers and accountants who have built up a strong and trusted relationship with us.  This is more a partnership role where we and the accountant and/or lawyer work together to ensure the client receives comprehensive services and advice that is in their best interest.  This allows the client to feel comfortable knowing that every aspect of their affairs are being run efficiently and effectively and all their professional advisers are ‘on the same page’ where advice from all parties dovetails in with each other
  • We are able to assist with the growth of the accountant’s and lawyer’s practice as we often identify new areas of work that the client will need from them as a result of engaging our expertise

Our Process


Our Services

All of our services can be provided separately as required. However we find in most situations our clients require their own particular combination. We follow the process pictured above to ensure we provide each client with exactly the service to suit circumstance and budget.

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    G3 has been working with us for both our company and personal finances. We have found G3 to be knowledgeable and passionate about service.
    They provide the right solutions for us and our staff through thorough research and recommendation.
    They are always available to discuss any queries and explain things in terms I understand.

    Greg and Robyn Jensen, Tauranga


    As a busy couple we had neither the time, experience or knowledge to be able to transfer our UK pensions over to NZ or to sort out a financial plan
    that would set us up for retirement. Thank goodness we found G3 Financial Freedom, their advice and guidance has been invaluable.

    Chris & Sheenagh Pritchard, Christchurch


    We have been delighted with the service and support we have received from Charlene and the team at G3.  
    We love the way they carefully analysed whattype of investors we are and helped us make decisions on long-termfinancial planning  based on our needs.

    Mike & Carolynne Masson, Omokoroa, Tauranga