UK Pension Transfer Advice

We provide expert advice on the pros and cons of transferring your UK Pensions to New Zealand.  Advice is key.

Many firms provide a pension transfer service however, most offer a transaction only service.  We have in depth knowledge of both the UK and NZ pension and tax systems and as such are best placed to impartially advise you according to your individual circumstances and whether to retain pensions in the UK or transfer them to a scheme here in New Zealand (known as a Recognised Overseas Pensions Scheme – ROPS).

There are various type of pensions in the UK and they differ in the benefits available at retirement, so we ensure you understand the differences when looking to transfer to New Zealand.

Whether you’ve worked in the UK during an OE, during a long term career or are a UK migrant, it is probable that you may have contributed to some sort of pension.  You could have tens of thousands of dollars tied up in a UK pension.
Rules are constantly changing regarding pension transfers and we understand the regulations imposed on transfers by UK HMRC and the tax implications under New Zealand tax law, of what it means when you transfer to NZ.

Understanding the differences, tax implications, death benefits and if transferring is going to be in your best interest is what we recommend.  This will ensure you clearly know whether a transfer is going to be in your best interest or not, so we believe advice is crucial.


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Handy Tip

If you know you have pensions in the UK but do not know where and with whom, you can start a process of investigation through the UK’s Pension Tracing Service.  Check out their website to do an online enquiry 

You will need to give them some idea of your previous employers and this service does mainly relate to workplace pension schemes. 

You can also obtain a forecast of any entitlement to the UK State Pension: