Have you left a bequest when you die?

20th October 2017 Tags: , , ,

Whilst we would like to ensure our families are looked after when we pass on, we want to help spark a thought that maybe including a bequest in your Will to a special organisation that is dear to your heart, could be included too.

Many of us, unfortunately, have experienced someone we care about going through an illness, where the support of a special foundation and its people have been invaluable.  These foundations do an amazing job in supporting both the medical and emotional needs of those requiring treatment and importantly, supporting their family members who are going through turmoil too.

Having a Will is vital to ensure you pass on the assets you leave behind to those whom you wish to benefit.  Of course, many of us want this to be our families and this is absolutely right.  However, as we all know, the statistics show that whilst we are living longer, we are not necessarily living healthier and the medical support and services we are asking for will continue to be an important part of the future.  This means that many support organisations need to look to the longer term, to ensure they can continue to commit to helping those needing their expertise.

There are many foundations, and in many guises, that not only support us medically, but support our youth, our athletes, single parents, and many more – all need donations and volunteers to keep operating.  Staying with the medical support theme for this article, we thought it would be a helpful reminder of the amazing support that locals in the Bay of Plenty receive from Waipuna Hospice, as it’s not until we need them that we realise how vital having such a link in a community can be.  If you haven’t familiarised yourself with what they do, please take a look https://waipunafortomorrow.org.nz/

Although Waipuna Hospice is one local to the Bay of Plenty, there are many similar foundations around the country which need continued financial support if they are going to be there for us in the future.

Maybe leaving a special bequest, to whichever foundation/organisation is important in our lives and for whatever amount we wish, will ensure they are able to continue with their great work well after we are no longer here.  Making a difference to those with whom we meet throughout life is important to many of us; so maybe leaving a bequest such as this, can help us achieve a similar legacy when we are no longer here.