It Will Never Happen To Me

16th December 2022

According to recent articles, 3,400 people or more are injured on Christmas day –  costing over $3million!!

New bikes, trampolines and other ‘toy’ incidents can be blamed for many of the incidents.  Then there are the accidents involving one to many sherries on Christmas Day!!  And of course, the obligatory slip of the knife events when carving the turkey.  Dropping a turkey or ham on your foot is also something more than one of us does each year, apparently!

Politics aside, as we know our health system is under severe stress, we are fortunate in this country to have the safety net of ACC and being able to turn up to Accident & Emergency and be treated. 

Beyond accidents though, there are many situations where personal insurances play an important role in ensuring that we can survive financially if we are unable to work through illness, to protect our family’s financial security if we die, or to get private treatment if needed and then to avoid having to set up a GoFundMe or Give A Little page to give us access to an unfunded drug.

Unfortunately, it could happen to you, so keeping on track of the level of personal insurance cover you need is important – we are here to help you manage the level and types of cover you need, affordably.

This Christmas though, stay safe – and don’t try any technical moves on the new trampoline!

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