Do You Know What Is Important To You And Why

15th December 2022

A few times recently we’ve had the privilege to be part of a conversation with clients and friends over a coffee or glass of wine, about what is important to us in life and why.

This has brought up some very interesting topics and as you can imagine, this can go pretty deep!

Importantly though, this is about challenging ourselves to consider these deeper parts of ourselves, taking time to think about who we are, what we want in life, what our values are, what we would like our legacy to be etc.

As we are coming into summer and can hopefully give ourselves time to recharge our batteries before 2023 starts in earnest, we would like to share with you the Wheel of Life.  You may have heard of this before, or even done this exercise several times throughout your life as we have.  There are several variations of this if you google it, although we liked this one because of the many areas of life it covers, so this image below may be a good start for you.

If you score yourself in each segment, from 1 being low and 10 being high, then join the dots, it helps focus our minds on any ‘gaps’ in our lives. These ‘gaps’ and low scores may be fine and sit well with us, however, if not, and you wish to work on increasing your score in that area, you can do something about this if you want to.

As the new year approaches, instead of making new year resolutions many of us never keep for long, maybe use this Wheel of Life to start yourself on a journey to fill in those ‘gaps’ you want to work on, and do not be afraid of seeking support from friends, family and others where needed.

This can be confronting we know, however, if we change our internal dialogue from negative and fearful thoughts, to saying ‘hey, I’m really going to work on this so let’s go!”, maybe you will find out something amazing about yourself you never knew.   And remember, as you do this, think deeply about your ‘why’ a certain area is important to you, as this helps us come to understand our core values in life, if you don’t already know them of course!

If you score yourself high in each area, then congrats, you’re in a great space right now!!

Other examples for topics on the wheel: