A Tribute to Financial Planning

20th December 2021

If I could have just one more day

I’d remind myself again to play

For life is not about just toil

It’s more than planting money seeds in soil

For money trees, whilst it’s good if they grow

Give much more pleasure if you also enjoy the show

The seasons of your money tree, the changing colours, height, and shape

Can seem reasons to change your own personality cape

However, it’s often not what shows outside

While these pretty things can give a sense of pride

It’s more about the strength of heart and warmth within

These parts of life do not grow worn and dim

So, whilst you may be looking to find

The magic bean that Jack planted and climbed

Just remember, you likely already have your seed

You may just need some good advice to feed

This part of you that you wish to nurture

Wish to comfort, to strengthen, even to merger

And who must you seek on this journey to guide

Across waters which may seem always at wrong tide

To cast light on the path, and lead to safe harbour

A trusted adviser my friend, is the one to be your guide

And the best one to sit with along the ride

If I could have just one more day

I’d find a financial planner with whom to spend that day

Composed by Ellie Pickford – G3 Financial Freedom